Marine Cargo Insurance

About Marine Cargo

Our products are underwritten by CNA & Lloyd’s of London.

Our programs cover transportation of goods & products, whether carried by Ships / Aircraft / Trucks.

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What's Covered?

Cover can be written on following basis:

  • Single Shipment
  • Open / Annual Policy
  • Project cargo
  • Stock Throughput

Additional Coverage Info

  • Cyber coverage up to $50,000 per event.
  • Landing, warehousing, forwarding charges, if incurred as a result of
    insolvency or financial default of the owners, charterers, manager or
    operators of the vessel.
  • Frustration of voyage as a result of a catastrophic weather event leading to
    extra costs for diversion, storage and re-shipment of cargo.
  • Repairs to second hand machinery that can be carried out with new parts (up
    to the insured value of the item) without depreciation.
  • Ability to claim for an entire pair or set in the event of physical loss or damage to any one item of the pair or set.
  • Available cover for damage to shipping containers.
  • 2017 Institute Clauses for Frozen Meat and Frozen Food (the first revision
    since 1986).

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